About Us

We are a market leading, trusted, South African software development and support services organisation providing high end support and intelligent business solutions, designed to drive business efficiencies. Our catalog of products and services are designed in collaboration with our clients, saving them time and money whilst streamlining business processes and allowing for scalability.

What Sets Us Apart

Track Record

We have developed multiple outstanding software-based (SaaS) products, like easiPol and easiPoint.  Today, we service over 1 000 clients of varying sizes, each with their own unique IT requirements.


RubiBlue is defined by innovation and ingenuity, providing intelligent and cutting-edge solutions that resolve business challenges while assuring our customers of exceptional service.


There’s nothing quite like being able to fully rely on a service provider – we’ll show you what that’s like.


We deliver creative tech solutions that help drive business efficiencies. We do not shy away from challenges, we create world class innovations that address real world problems.

RubiBlue is part of a growing entrepreneurial Prosperator™, Raizcorp, which gives our company the edge in business management, ensuring our continued success.

The Story Behind Our Success

RubiBlue has been operating since 2005 and has more than 100 years of collective IT experience, alongside an impressive range of technical skills and capabilities.

RubiBlue started out as a network support and sales provider in 2005. Client demand saw us move into software development of online applications that automated business processes. Since then we have accrued a range of satisfied clients who have benefited from our consultancy capabilities, solutions development skills, and our Microsoft Network solutions experience.

Our Ethos

As an established IT company, RubiBlue has cultivated a young, energetic and fun environment that inspires both client and employee alike. We believe that by putting our people and their well-being first, they will be empowered to put our clients first. We may be in IT, but we are redefining what it means to be creative and innovative within a culture that’s supportive and considerate.

RubiBlue is defined by innovation and ingenuity, providing intelligent, cutting-edge solutions that resolve business challenges while assuring our customers of exceptional service. We believe that business is a value-exchange, this ensures that we build trusted and transparent relationships with all our clients and stakeholders, upholding a foundation of integrity and a commitment to long-term sustainability.

We uphold four core values that are embedded into our ethos and our client relationships – Commitment, Lead, Efficiency and Well Being. These values ensure that our clients are always treated with respect as we are constantly measuring our services and solutions to ensure that they are delivered to the highest possible quality.

Our Vision

RubiBlue is a company that is driven by the challenge of designing and building technology solutions that are innovative and solve real business problems.

We are a trusted entity refined by proven experience, always retaining the ability to remain agile enough to adapt quickly to shifting markets.

We are a company that values challenge-driven creativity.

We are viewed by our stakeholders as responsible, capable of delivering world-class service, and problem solvers.

Our Purpose

To build cutting edge, innovative solutions that serve our clients and market needs.

To deliver on our promises and ensure long term business relationships through commitment and efficiency.