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Business IT Solutions

Providing Africa with innovative Cyber Security, Compliance (GRC), IT Support and Network Management solutions, as well as cutting-edge business management platforms to simplify, integrate and streamline business processes.

Products and Services

RubiBlue offers a range of specialised and innovative IT services, specifically focusing on the delivery of customised real-time solutions to the African market.

Cyber Security, Compliance, Network Management and IT Support Solutions

Cyber Security, Network Management & IT Support » Johannesburg • Midrand • Centurion • Pretoria
Governance, Risk & Compliance » South Africa

Due to our extensive experience in developing ERP and compliance platforms, we possess exceptional knowledge in compliance and cybersecurity. We are perfectly positioned to offer unparalleled cybersecurity and compliance solutions. We are constantly up-to-date with the latest advancements in business technology, and we deliver strategic IT consulting along with creative tech and compliance solutions that drive business efficiencies. Our reliable track record, spanning over 20 years, underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in the IT industry.


Funeral Parlours and Administrators, Insurance Underwriters and other Subscriber-based Service Administrators » South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa

easiPol funeral parlour administration system is developed by RubiBlue and is the market leader in membership management policy administration software in Africa.


A stand alone application as well as in conjunction with easiPol, easiPoint is an extended business processing tool that allows organizations to capture transactions and collect business data using handheld devices.

International Reach

We have proven to ourselves and to our cross-border client base that it doesn’t matter where we’re based, we are fully capable of improving companies across the continent, with great success. We persistently use our geographical expertise to ensure that we can deliver the best possible service, regardless of any geographical constraints.

We service and support clients in over 9 other African countries.

We deploy and maintain Software as a Service (SaaS) across the border, essentially being a remote support provider – our support channels include telephonic, email and Skype support, as well as training sessions and webinars.

Annual Statistics

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Our Essence

“RubiBlue’s core competencies are underscored by strong software development skills and outstanding support services. To ensure that we continue to provide exceptional customer service, we focus on the retention of our people and acknowledge that the happiness of our team is what keeps them inspired. We constantly reinvest in training our people and improving our platforms so that we always stay ahead of the curve and provide added value to our customers.”

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden