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RubiBlue transforms core values to redefine business growth

RubiBlue, intelligent business solutions provider, has redesigned its core values to redefine business growth and enhance its business culture. The organisation underwent a lengthy process to refine these values that are now embedded within the company and fundamentally influence its mindset.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with intelligent business solutions that drive business efficiencies and save them time, money and stress,” says Chris Ogden, Managing Director, RubiBlue. “When you consider how our business is built around helping our customers achieve their goals and ambitions, we felt it was important that we had a clearly mandated philosophy that ensured we could support our clients and our employees to the best of our abilities.”

This commitment saw the 13-year-old company invest in creating the RubiBlue values which would ensure consistent client engagement through measurable actions and targeted service delivery. The four pillars that uphold these values are: commitment, lead, efficiency and wellbeing. These enhance the company’s core competencies of strong developmental skills and superior support services.

“When we first started out, we were purely a network support and sales provider, but since then we have evolved as a company and as a service provider,” says Ogden. “We have a range of satisfied clients who have benefited from our consultancy, solutions development and Microsoft Network skills and we have always had a strong company culture to support these skills and this vision. Now, however, we have further refined this culture and the values that define it to take our business even further.”

The four core values of Commitment, Lead, Efficiency and Wellbeing form the acronym CLEW, which happens to be an integral part of any sailboat – holding the sail in place and ensuring that wind flow is accurately directed. Without it, the boat would have no forward momentum, an accurate representation of how no company can move forward without core values to support it.

“CLEW represents who we are, what we stand for, our integrity in business and our commitment to our customers,” concludes Ogden.

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