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RubiBlue at Seamless 2017

Businesses in today’s omni-channel world are discovering that getting the seamless customer experience right is no longer a nice-to-achieve luxury. It is the expectation of tech-savvy, connected, informed customers – and FinTech is taking the lead and changing the way consumers interact with brands and pay for products and services.
One of Africa’s leading in-field payment solutions providers, RubiBlue will be exhibiting at Seamless 2017, and the company’s representatives is one of its respected speakers presenting on how to avoid payment system integration challenges.

Payment system integration challenges waste money and time. Wasting negatively impacts the desired result, especially during change. “Challenges are easily mitigated by good communication, client/supplier collaboration and setting expectations,” explains Faith Ncube, who will deliver the presentation and is one of RubiBlue’s lead sales consultants. “In my talk, I will unpack the three elements and provide a ‘how to’ on the subject.”

RubiBlue MD, Chris Ogden, adds: “Once parties can, and enjoy working together, most integrations, payment or otherwise, happen seamlessly. But within the corporate space egos can get in the way; this disrupts the process and its efficiency.”

RubiBlue will be showcasing its EasiPoint solution at Seamless 2017, a payment solution that allows organisations to deploy personnel in the field to transact, receipt and report securely, without having to design mobile applications or needing to invest in radically new IT infrastructure.

Faith Ncube, RubiBlueHow to avoid payment system integration challenges
Tuesday, 14 March at 13:30
Seamless 2017, CTICC

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