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Network Management, Compliance & Support Services In Gauteng


Innovative IT Solutions for the African Market

RubiBlue stands out as a pioneer in delivering specialised and innovative IT services tailored to the dynamic needs of the African market. Our expertise in customising real-time solutions is underpinned by our commitment to staying abreast of the latest in business technology. This enables us to offer strategic IT consulting, creative tech solutions, and compliance strategies that drive business efficiencies. With a reliable track record spanning over two decades, RubiBlue ensures that your IT – the most vital part of your business – receives the attention it truly deserves.

Managed IT Services: A Blend of Expertise and Technology

Our services encompass the sale and support of a wide range of IT hardware and software, backed by a team of experienced and certified technical experts. Our strong portfolio includes small to medium companies, many of whom have been our clients since 2005. These enduring relationships are built on trust, stemming from our investment in skilled and dependable personnel, and adherence to ethical business practices. We collaborate with our customers to provide top-notch IT assistance, striving to reduce IT infrastructure costs while maximising security, compliance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

RubiBlue’s security solutions are extensive, covering:

  • Password security
  • Network, data, and internet security
  • Patch management
  • Network auditing & vulnerability reporting
  • Data and server access
  • Forensic auditing & reporting
  • Preventative maintenance and network monitoring solutions
  • Enterprise-grade managed file transfer and automation (MFT)
  • Business continuity features
  • Comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

Disaster Recovery Planning: Your Personal Safety Net

Our SLA agreements ensure you have the necessary tools in the event of a data breach. We meticulously design and set up disaster recovery plans to swiftly recover your encrypted data in the aftermath of a cyber-attack.

Network Management: Ensuring Seamless Operations

Our network management services include:

  • Onsite and remote support
  • Installation and configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Full network auditing

We cater to a diverse range of client profiles, including medical practitioners, underwriters, insurers, funeral homes, accountants, lawyers, schools, architects, and engineers.

Local Expertise, Global Standards

Based in Sandton, our offices are strategically positioned to offer Managed IT services to businesses with networks of up to 250 devices, covering Johannesburg, Midrand, Centurion, and Pretoria.

Our Proven Track Record

  • Established: Operating since 2005, RubiBlue is well-resourced with capital, professionals, and a wealth of technical skills and experience.
  • Successful: We boast an impressive portfolio of SLAs, including easiPol and easiPoint – leading business management systems developed by RubiBlue.
  • Experienced: Our team possesses consultancy capabilities, solutions development skills, Microsoft Network solutions experience, and extensive network and cyber security expertise.
  • Fully Managed IT: We can either extend your IT department or be your IT department, removing the burden of up-skilling, managing, and retaining staff skills in your business.
  • Improve Your Systems: We tailor the latest technologies around your business needs, improving processes, automating repetitive tasks, and helping you focus on business growth.
  • Flexible Plans: Offering both full SLA support services and ad-hoc support to meet your specific needs.

RubiBlue is not just a service provider but a partner committed to enhancing your business’s IT infrastructure, ensuring you remain at the forefront of technological advancement and efficiency.

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