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How to build a future-proof workforce today


How to build a future-proof workforce today


Want your employees to leap into the future world of work with zest and joy? Then build a business they want to be part of, first.

Consider internal skills training for employees

What skills do you think your employees should have? Should they be excellent at technology? What about people skills? Or should they know the ins and outs of social media and connectivity tools? The answer to these questions is not just in your hiring process, in picking the perfect people for your business, it’s also in how you invest into your existing talent pool. If you want the kind of company that drips with brilliant people and great skills, then you need to consider internal training, opportunities and plans that keep your employees engaged and learning.

Create a defined strategy

The first step on this long road of constant and evolving development is to unpack where you see your company’s future.

Do you have a clearly defined strategy and roadmap? If so, what skills do you need to achieve that future? What kind of talent will boost your business and give it the legs it needs to run forwards at speed? Then, start on another roadmap, one that identifies the key players in your business and engages with them around their aspirations. Find out how their goals align with the business and matrix these; this will help you to create a strategic outline of the future skills you can provide to your employees.

Provide growth & support for employees

Next, document these skills and create clear plans that outline who gets the skills, who could benefit from additional training, and how to build internal systems that support skills development. Yes, there is the risk that you train someone up and they get headhunted and leave, but there’s also the very good chance that they will stay with you because you offer them the kind of growth and support that’s rarely found elsewhere.

Build a future-proof workplace

This level of granular focus on skills development and individual growth within your business is not just to the benefit of the business, it also helps you create a future-proof workforce and strategy that will put you on a stable footing, capable of weathering almost any storm life throws your way. And, remember, it’s important to fail. This helps you to refine your plans and address the gaps and fix the problems. Failure is an opportunity to identify what works and what doesn’t, and it’s as much a skill to learn as anything else.

Ultimately, building an internal culture that’s passionate about growth, skills development and learning is a long game. It puts your people on an interesting footing, it gives you the chance to build a stable foundation, and it can fundamentally shift your culture in positive ways.

And what skills are most needed today?

These are some that should be sitting on your business radar, right now:

• Engineer and architectural resources

• Data analysts and scientists

• Leadership skills and intrapreneur skills

• Self-motivational skills

• Health and wealth skills for healthy and financially stable employees

• Basic skills relevant to their role, helping them refine their skill sets and growth

• Skills on how to innovate, create and, most importantly, ensure delivery

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