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Five million policies handled and managed through easiPol

Five million insurance policies are being handled and managed through leading policy management solution easiPol. Hitting the mark this week, RubiBlue, the business behind the solution has seen the number of providers signing up to use its solution to successfully capture payments and manage policies rocket in recent years as the sector closes in on fraudulent activity.

African funerals are large-scale, often expensive events that families share with the community. So, more than half of South Africans have some kind of funeral plan, and is one reason why easiPol has proven popular with consumers and insurers. “Families want peace of mind that their investment is secure and their funeral is taken care of,” remarks RubiBlue MD, Chris Ogden. “easiPol is a solution that improves customer loyalty and service, and looks after the insurer to prevent fraud and theft, and knowledge that data is safe, secure and policies are managed in-line with industry regulations.”

With over 10 million adults now funeral policy holders in South Africa and cash being king for most, it’s even more vital that payments are electronically recorded to prevent monies going ‘missing’. If a cash payment is made, but if the collector ‘misplaces’ an installment it can mean the client isn’t paid out on their policy when the time comes, even though they have remained up to date with payments. “Death is a terrible time for anyone, even without the burden of paying for a funeral,” adds Ogden. “For insurance companies to be able to offer better customer service and peace of mind to customers improves their reputation, cash-flow and profitability which makes shareholders happy too!”

easiPol is a solution which can be tailored to suit any business and industry where monies need to be collected. The creators understand that every business is different: processes need to be adhered to and regulations followed to remain compliant with governing bodies. Working with over 750 insurance providers in Southern Africa, easiPol is the leading policy management software.

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