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easiPoint brings business to all areas of SA

easiPoint, an inventive solution to a uniquely African problem, allows businesses to collect, record and receive customer payments from any location on the continent. Using the easiPoint device developed by RubiBlue, a leading intelligent business solutions organisation, companies can capture data and transact with clients even if they are based in difficult to reach and remote areas.

“With easiPoint, you can build your brand with your clients anywhere in Africa,” says Chris Ogden, Managing Director, RubiBlue. “Thanks to its ubiquity, intelligent design and remote connectivity capabilities, it allows for organisations to gain traction in new market sectors, source payments from clients in remote areas, and even create new outlets in spaces that were previously considered too far or out of range.”

The easPoint device is designed for the demanding African climate – it consumes minimal data, has a full two-day battery life, includes solar and car chargers to ensure easy access to recharging facilities, can print anywhere in the world with a built-in thermal printer, and comes at a superb price point. With easiPoint, the business can manage and reconcile all payment methods while enjoying the flexibility of mobility, capture and collect information in real-time, and launch the solution seamlessly across the business in days.

“We created easiPoint to provide for organisations that needed greater reach into the South African market and richer access to its client base,” says Ogden. “We realised that one of the biggest challenges facing many organisations was the inability to handle financial transactions or manage payments when a significant portion of their clients were located in rural or out-of-reach locations. Using easiPoint, any business of any size can now transact, capture data, and sell products and services to customers across the country.”

easiPoint has a track record that spans more than 10 years, each year introducing new refinements and capabilities to the technology and the devices.

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