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Creating Vision Boards


Creating Vision Boards

At RubiBlue we firmly believe in the well being of our employees, that happy, motivated, optimistic employees work better, are more productive and come to work with a “Can do” attitude.

We kicked off our session using emoji’s and asking each person as they walked into the room how they were feeling at that exact moment. They then had to find the emoji that represented their feelings and place their name under it. It’s important to be able to recognise your feelings and to know that if you aren’t feeling happy, excited and on top of the world that it’s okay, we are all here for one another to help, guide, share and support each other.

To kick off our employee well-being for 2021 we held two workshops where we discussed vision boards, why they are important, why we need them.

Our teams enjoyed spending time together, music in the background, muffins, tea, coffee and working on finding images out of various magazines that inspired them. Once the boards were completed a couple staff members wanted to share their goals and aspirations portrayed in their vision boards.

It’s so exciting to see these boards on the walls and dividers at people’s work stations as a daily reminder of what each individual is working towards.

Employee well-being
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