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Promoting Employee Well-Being

In RubiBlue’s constant effort to improve employee well-being, be it mental, emotional or physical, we held our annual wellness day with the help of Samatha Dunbar physiotherapy.

Our staff drew names and were divided into teams, they were scored on best team name, best team spirit, the team that tried the hardest, the team that cycled 20km’s the fastest and the individual male and female who pushed out the most watts in 30 seconds.

There was so much healthy competition, our chill zone was alive with war cries, screams, bruised hands from clapping so hard, and so much energy. Everyone from the fittest to the not so fit, got on a bike and peddled for their team. Not only showing their commitment to the team but seeing the benefits of what a healthy active life and the magic that happens when endorphins are released.

Teams are already discussing tactics for 2020.

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