easiPol Membership management software


easiPol is a web-based funeral software administrator package that serves the needs of funeral administrators, insurance underwriters and a range of other subscriber-based service administrators, allowing them to effectively manage their clients and business operations. easiPol currently has policy holders in 112 countries and has over 5 million active policy holders. Leading funeral parlours have recorded a 30% increase in cash transactions post implementation of easiPol.

easiPol offers a complete and secure administration and payment solution via multiple platforms, and prevents against theft and fraud. It’s the only product of its kind for this market and uses a proven business model.

This software package is built on a customisable framework, which means our clients can add on the extensions that will best serve their needs, to tailor a solution that works for them.

We use Android hand held devices which make new policy applications and transactions effortless. The devices enable online as well as offline payments, debit/credit/SASSA cards are all accepted.

For more information, visit our site easiPol

easiPol Functionality:

  • Funeral Software
  • Efficient management of members and policies
  • Efficient and secure premiums collections
  • Management of funerals and tombstones
  • Management of societies
  • Management of agents and brokers and their commissions
  • Management of multiple groups and branches
  • Management of member claims and payouts
  • Management of your stock, products and pricing history
  • Sending of SMS’s to distribution lists
  • Full security of system users
  • Complete reporting system (more than 180 reports)
  • Comprehensive audit trail functionality to ensure user accountability

Get detailed information on the easiPol website.

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