Chris Ogden Top 500 best companies

Top 500 Best Companies Q&A with Chris Ogden

From strategic manager to software developer, Chris’ business mind and experience allows him and his team to take real-world problems and design solutions that deliver value. Having been thrown in the deep end when his business partner passed away, Chris’…

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Chris Ogden on finding the entrepreneur gap

Mind The Gap

Innovation may very well be the key to business success but finding the gap into which your innovative thinking can fit is often a lot harder than people realise. Some may be struck by inspiration in the shower, others by…

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Put On Your Wellies: It’s Time To Wade Into Risk

You’ve had a great idea. You’ve looked into its development. You’ve recognised that it has potential beyond just what Auntie Mabel and Mike From The Grocer think. And you’ve clearly nailed a pain point that can make money. Now it…

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RubiBlue on Data Analytics

Dawn of the data curator

According to Kate Mollett, regional manager for Africa South at Veeam, when it comes to data management and local organisations, you can divide businesses into three distinct groups. There are those that are already on a data management journey because…

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RubiBlue decides that this Valentine's Day is the last straw

RubiBlue decides that this Valentine’s Day is the last straw

RubiBlue, an intelligent business solutions provider, is spreading the love for the planet this Valentine’s Day. Instead of chocolates and flowers, this year the day dedicated to love will be dedicated to caring for the planet. The company has undertaken…

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easiClique by RubiBlue

RubiBlue digitises member management with easiClique platform

RubiBlue has developed a digital solution that transforms membership management for organisations. easiClique is a customisable software platform that allows companies across multiple industries to effectively control all aspects of membership from communications to reporting to invoicing to notifications, and…

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Harnessing The Fresh Year Fervour

It’s the new year, a new quarter, a fresh start – does this actually mean anything to the entrepreneur? The new year seems to ignite a sense of potential for both entrepreneur and employee. It isn’t just another first day…

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#BizTrends2019: It’s time to make honey

The buzzwords that hummed into 2018 are about to get louder as we move into 2019. There’s one thing that everyone in the technology industry can count on, that’s buzzwords. Terms that define trends, redefine business and refine the way…

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Classic FM: Broadcast Focus on RubiBlue Co-Founder

Thank you to Classic FM for hosting us this morning to unpack Chris Ogden’s entrepreneur’s journey, his biggest lessons, challenges, funding and my plans for the future. We look forward to being on air with you again soon.    

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Entrepreneurs! Do You Know What Your Customers Want?

Do you know what your customer’s need? Have you really looked at their problems and challenges and asked yourself how your product or solution helps solve them? Do you even know if your business addresses any one of the myriad…

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