RubiBlue’s range of solutions and services are perfect for subscriber-based companies in Africa who need integrated solutions to streamline their business processes. Working with us means you get the customised, simplified and secure backend administration solutions that will help to make your business operations more cost-effective and efficient.

How you benefit from working with RubiBlue:

Customised Software Development

RubiBlue is currently focusing on subscriber-based companies in Africa seeking a solution to manage their business processes and databases in a way that saves time, money, and keeps their customers happy. We have a number of out-the-box solutions, which can be customised to suit clients’ requirements; we can also develop unique solutions suited to clients’ individual business needs.

Network Support and Maintenance

We have a dedicated team of support engineers and technicians to effectively manage and maintain our large client base.

Our Value-exchange Philosophy

RubiBlue is an established IT company that engenders a young, energetic and fun environment for our employees and clients alike. We may be an IT solutions company, but our approach to the IT needs in the South African and African markets is one that puts people first.

We are financially stable and we approach business from a perspective of value-exchange. This ensures that we build and maintain open and trusting relationships with all of our clients and other stakeholders.