Welcome to RubiBlue

RubiBlue is in the business of providing Intelligent Business Solutions to our clients. With 10 years’ experience in Africa, we provide technology platforms to subscriber-based companies who want to simplify, integrate and streamline their business processes. Our customisable and secure backend administration solutions are built on creative technologies; supported by our reliable track record of uptime.


Learn more about RubiBlue and our path to success. Who are we? What do we do? How long have we been doing it? Who are we doing it for?

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RubiBlue offers a range of specialised IT services, specifically focusing on the delivery of customised real-time solutions to the African market.

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We service an international audience. Find out how big our current footprint is, the countries we service and where our vision is taking us.

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We’d love to see how we can streamline your business operations, and save you time and money. Click here to send us your details and we’ll get in touch with you, or contact us directly.

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